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Dirty Karma is a grassroots approach to a life enlightened. Soulful and understated, the DKC brand focuses on cultural themes that find peace in the labors of everyday life -- a style that postures an ambitious and artistic worldview through the lens of simple design.


DKC Soul 

At Dirty Karma Clothing, we frequently use symbols & imagery found within the Buddhist culture, and other traditional eastern religions and their way of life. Our design style is intended to evoke feelings of tranquility and peace, as well as the idea that we are all connected. This methodology is displayed prominently throughout our work, using artistic expression as a vehicle to exemplify the classical essence of unity, tranquility, and strength.

DKC Life

At DKC, we believe that clothes can amount to much more than simply the result of a little needle and thread. Though starting with many the same common elements, clothes can eventually transform into a reflection of one’s personality and sense of expression. We try to mirror our work after this very concept, and the idea that one’s sense of style can often serve as a mere glimpse into the fingerprint of one’s soul.

Dirty Karma is for folks who treat life as an adventure… a traveling storybook to better understand ourselves and our purpose, perhaps even taking some time to enjoy the ride.

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